Fuksas Bar & Pool Hall

We strive to create a cosy and friendly atmosphere so that you can have a great time with your friends, colleagues and family. Even if you're playing pool with a person you've just met for the first time, you'll find that the conversation will flow naturally as you make your way around the pool table. Your daily worries will fade away as you watch the mesmerising movement of the pool balls and listen to the calming sounds of the game...

We offer 11 high-quality 9 ft pool tables, 1 Russian pool table and a fully stocked bar with 8 beers on tap and a constantly renewed selection of bottled beer. Our bartenders can also recommend a whiskey to suite your taste or whip up a luscious cocktail if you want something a little more interesting.

We have played pool for more than 20 years ourselves, so we are well aware of what’s needed both for the professional and the amateur game. Come to Fuksas and see for yourself!

Fuksas is located at the very heart of Vilnius city centre. Pop in to relax in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, have a great time playing pool for as long as you like (choose from 11 pool tables and 1 Russian pool table), try your hand at foosball or simply grab a drink of your (or the bartender's) choice. We welcome both walk-ins and reservations.


Price per hour € / h

Russian Pool € / h
Discounts %

If you have Vilnius City Card we will give you a 20% discount for pool. You can also buy our discount card at the bar.

Drinks 1-5 EUR


I-III    11-00
IV    11-01
V     11-03
VI     13-03
VII     13-00

Gedimino str. 28/2, Vilnius

or call +37052608926
* Be sure to book your table no less than 2 hours in advance.